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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why spend your own money, when you can steal it from your comany?
Wow. Running a magazine is tough work, huh? Well, what the hell do you do after losing your company 5 million dollars in 16 months? Here's a crazy theory - how about steal $25k to start up your own website, and fund a short attck on your first victim?

A judgement was filed against Mr. Left on August 16, 2002 for the full amount sought in the case.

According to Stocklemon's own reportcard (, ijoin systems went from 9$ to .0001 cents. So, just for speculation, lets 'pretend' that Mr. Left took the $25k he stole from Detour, and spent $2500 to start up The other $22,500 would have let him go short on 2500 shares of ijoin. At a profit of $8.999 per share, the stolen money from Detour could have turned into his 'startup money of $22,500 into $45,000.